Our Goals

Rural communities don’t have to stand and watch as they get left out of yet another transportation upgrade. The EV Trail Network is a coalition of EV drivers and small businesses working to reverse this trend and make sure rural areas and their visitors get a fair share of the future. We have a number of important goals we work toward.

For Small and Rural Businesses

  • Work with small businesses to make sure small towns get EV fast charging stations ASAP
  • Make sure these rural stations are locally-owned and serve the local economy whenever possible
  • Spread the word about innovative technologies that make rural charging affordable
  • Help small businesses keep new stations running well, because a broken charger doesn’t help anybody
  • Help market and promote these stations to EV drivers nationally

For EV Drivers

  • Help open new rural routes to outdoor recreation, scenic roads, and more efficient paths between cities
  • Help EV drivers become aware of new rural stations as they come online
  • Do our part to help keep rural EV travel reliable and fun

For Governments and Large Businesses

  • Help decisionmakers at high levels understand the issues of rural EV charging access
  • Promote better public policy
  • Help the general public understand that EVs are not a partisan political issue
  • Help innovative businesses in the EV charging industry find and better serve rural customers