Host An EV Charging Station

Do you own a small, rural business? Do you represent a rural town or county government? It’s a great time to start offering your customers and visitors EV rapid charging!

Why Offer Rapid Charging?

The advantage to doing this is obvious. As more and more drivers switch to EVs, you’ll need ways to draw them in. An EV charger not only gets them into your driveway, but brings them into your community where they can support other locally-owned businesses. On longer rural routes, it also helps drivers be able to visit the towns down the road, too.

The Challenge That Held Rural Charging Back

Sadly, most large charging corporations are only focusing on larger towns and cities where high-power electric service is already available. This leaves rural areas between the interstates in “dead zones” where it’s difficult for EV drivers to go. Many of the rural businesses we’ve talked to tell us that they’ve reached out to these companies, only to be told it would cost an insane amount of money.

Solutions Are Here

The good news is that these problems have been solved. Innovative charging station manufacturers have figured out how to bring EV rapid charging to small towns and save the host businesses big money. By using batteries, smaller power connections can be used to give drivers a burst of energy when needed to get to the next rural station.

How We Can Help

Instead of reinventing the wheel and building our own charging network, we’re working on networking people. We’re here to help rural business owners and government entities find the right companies to work with to get charging installed. Then, after installation, we’re here to help promote the charging stations to EV drivers.

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